Solving problems for our clients is the heart of what we do, and architecting and developing products and systems forms a major part of that endeavor. Over twenty-five years of development experience provides us with a significant "edge" in that process. We think you will find that partnering with us on design and development projects is significantly more rewarding than you may be used to with other organizations.


Exactly as needed – custom software.

When off-the-shelf software solutions are insufficient, custom software development enables your business to obtain the precise tools needed for your unique situation. Singular Solutions has developed award-winning commercial software and internal software tools for dozens of clients, including Lotus Development Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., United Technologies Lexar, and Pioneer USA. Singular Solutions architects and builds durable custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

Selected projects.

Singular Solutions has had the privilege of working on a wide variety of challenging projects for our clients. Some examples include:

  • A unique expert system based tool suite for matching employee and applicant capabilities to job requirements.
  • A Microsoft Excel worksheet compiler. Converts worksheets into pure C# modules.
  • A highly scalable collaborative anti-fraud system that blocks phishing websites in near-real-time. Utilizes a custom distributed fault-tolerant server architecture.
  • A volatility-base stock portfolio/backtesting system.
  • Partner in, bringing unique economic forecasting techniques to the Web.
  • A very efficient, high volume (more than 5,000 transactions/second) ad serving system for AdDynamix/Pennyweb.
  • A post-click/branding system for AdDynamix/Pennyweb.
  • A web-based reporting system for AdDynamix/Pennyweb.
  • A workflow management system for W&F Manufacturing, Inc.
  • An EEG-based medication outcome prediction remote medical diagnoses system for NuPharm Database LLC.
  • A pre-SQL to SQL database "bridge" library for W&F Manufacturing, Inc. Allowed the continued use of several hundred relational (but pre-SQL) MRP applications.
  • Many Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for Intertel Communications Inc.
  • Lotus Development Corporation's Lotus HAL®, a limited natural language front-end for Lotus 1-2-3. First use in a spreadsheet of undo, auditing, optimal recalculation, and assistant/agent mediated behavior. Recipient of several industry awards.

When it's not on the shelf – custom hardware.

Perhaps part of your IT solution includes a "you-can't-get-there-from-here" issue involving hardware that's just not available "off the shelf.". We're pleased to say that hardware design is not foreign to us. In addition to the A/D64x digital audio products line, other Singular Solutions hardware projects have included a digital signal processor (DSP) based sound and music subsystem for Emerson Computer, a PCI-based Motorola DSP56301 (high-speed DSP) card for Neurodata, Inc., an error-recovery printer buffer for the Dataproducts line of laser printers, and an integrated PC-telephone system for PBXs.

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