Singular Solutions exists to help you create well crafted, sustainable, robust IT solutions. If the central focus of your organization is not on understanding and deploying IT solutions, you will benefit from teaming with the right group of outside experts. The design, implementation, maintenance, and periodic reevaluation of your IT solution demands an experienced team of individuals who have the necessary knowledge and methodologies.

Over the last 25 years Singular Solutions has cultivated the skills necessary to be a valuable partner to your business. From fine tuning a current system, to the implementation of sophisticated Internet/intranet solutions, to specification, design, and development of custom software, Singular Solutions is the IT team you want on your side.

You need outsourced IT consulting.

It's a jungle out there. The current IT environment is evolving at an unprecedented rate. With the cutthroat competition you face in your marketplace, the correct IT solution will likely make the difference between success and failure. But stay away from anyone who is just pushing a particular vendor's solution. Partnering with outside experts who see "the big picture" just makes sense.

Augment your in-house talent.

Ideally, you need experts who fully understand the IT environment and who will take the time to understand your organization's internal needs, problems and opportunities. These experts must work well among themselves and have strong communication skills. They must be able to identify and present opportunities worth evaluating, identify the best tools available, and then provide realistic, reliable implementation plans that correctly identify the true scope and cost of deploying appropriate solutions.

Everyone outsources, but do they do it well? The team of specialized talent necessary to implement such comprehensive IT solutions is often too expensive for any one company to justify bringing in-house on a full-time basis.

So, where do you draw the line? The line between in-house and outsourced solutions should be established and easily adjusted in response to changes within the company or the IT environment. Singular Solutions, by providing "one-stop solutions" that address all areas of your IT problems, allows you to delegate what's appropriate, not what's available.

Partnerships are best.

Though clients often initially engage Singular Solutions to help solve a particular tactical problem, we measure our success by the companies that form "IT partnerships" with us in the planning, implementation and management of their overall IT strategies.

Maximizing your IT investment.

You have made significant investments in IT, but have probably not reaped all the available rewards. We find that, by identifying and then implementing or enhancing one or more missing pieces of your IT solution, we can help you significantly improve the payback on your investment.

Proactively identifying your next IT opportunity.

Our job is to stay on top of developments while staying in touch with your specific situation. This process often leads to identifying options and capabilities that did not exist before and that are exactly appropriate for your business. At this "point of convergence" where these newly available tools can be integrated into your business in productive ways, Singular Solutions is able to offer significant enhancements or even previously unavailable IT solutions. At this point, we can offer you maximum benefit from our partnership.

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